How To Know If He’s Truly Interested In You

Sailing through the first date with a guy always seems easy for most good-lookers out there, but is it really the looks factor that draws guys to women and vice-versa? Or are there some other intrinsic qualities that men do value in a woman and wish their partners would possess such positive qualities within them.

Here we will unveil certain signs for you to discern if your guy is really interested in you or is just taking you for a casual fling:

  1. He would rather play Pokémon or message his friends while out for a meal with you;
  2. He only asks questions that are simply polite and superficial;
  3. He would rather peer into his hand mirror to stare at his own appearance, rather than stare deeply into your beautiful eyes to foster sizzling chemistry between both of you;
  4. He does not bother to send you home after each outing and prefers to spend his free time with his personal friends than with you;
  5. He makes little effort to make plans for outings with you now and in the future;
  6. He would rather send you occasional short messages via his hand phone, as opposed to chatting with you over the phone to hear your sweet voice;
  7. He shows little or no jealousy when other guys try to hit on you;
  8. He would rather spend time following mundane routines in his home, rather than meeting up with you for some flirty chats;
  9. He dresses in his worst shirt and pants, and deliberately picks his nose to irk you.

So, how is it possible to change the situation here? Easy. Just transform into the woman most men want and make them realize what they are missing out on by not checking you out as a potential mate. Read more on how to keep a guy interested from this book at .




How To Enjoy Your Singleton Status?

As a singleton, you might face embarrassing moments when your relatives and friend query you on your singlehood and badger you to contemplate settling down soon. If singlehood is based on your own free will, that’s utterly fine. But what if it is because you never came across the right one for you, then life as a singleton might seem bleak in the future when loneliness sets in and entrenches itself in your way of life.

So, as a singleton, do not despair. Life does not stop nor appear doomed just because you are a swinging bachelor or bachelorette and can still afford to enjoy the carefree nature of singlehood. To make your life more meaningful even in the absence of a lifetime companion to taper off your feelings of loneliness, try tweaking the boring routines in your current lifestyle.

1) Adopt new pets e.g. a toy poodle or even an endangered tiger
2) Dye your hair a mauve tone to set the trend
3) Badger your friends to bring new friends whenever you cook a free dinner for seven people
4) Learn to ride the motorized skateboard and use it to commute around the neighbourhood
5) Chat online and organise gatherings for likeminded singletons like yourself

Hopefully, these options might add more colour into your way of life!

Is Singlehood Too Tough To Bear?


With the growth of modernization and the disparity in how everyone views a relationship or marriage to be, life in itself, has become a complicated mess. Married people in some cases enjoy watching their marital relationship blossom and come to fruition when their tiny off-springs grow up and take flight whilst singletons lament about how difficult it is to find the right one or seek solace in joining meet-up groups, citing how exciting their life can be without the burden of being bound to a loveless marriage.

No matter which category you may fall into, the decision is yours to make and you have a choice to remain happy or bemoan your pathetic plight of facing loneliness in the future. Singlehood is a positive choice if the right person never crossed your path because of your hectic work life, but you can choose to turn your life around by getting a job that’s less jam packed and leaves you with more time to run your personal errands or luxuriate in a more quality lifestyle. Having said that, what it all means is that you do have a choice in life. It all depends on how you rank your priorities. If work and money mean more to you than meeting someone special. Then, so be it. You have chosen money over happiness with someone else. But if you can opt to balance both sides of the coin, then yes, you may enjoy a more fruitful lifestyle and finally bask in the companionship of a lifetime partner.

There is indeed much fun for a singleton, especially if one suffers from a strong fear of commitment and prefer being in the company of different strangers from all walks of life. Then, in this case, remaining single is indeed the best option for the person in question rather than force oneself to get married for the sake of pacifying one’s elderly parents and continuing the line of succession in the family. After all, it’s your life and you should live it on your own terms. Because when others dictate the way you should live your life, it becomes controlling for you and you will end up wallowing in self pity and wishing you could just break the shackles of marriage after some time has passed.

So, which ever decision you choose to make – that is, to marry or to remain single, the decision is yours. Don’t let others make the decision for you, or else life might drain you of your battery and you might take the wrong route again to eradicate the misery of your life.


As we all know, getting married is one of the most significant events in a person’s life. However, showing a desperateness to beat others who are still left on the shelf by getting hitched immediately may not produce the best results in a marriage. Does that mean getting a marriage proposal fast is actually bad news for the couple in question? Nope. Of course not. Some couples just need a longer time to bond together in exclusivity and they simply wish to wait for a longer period of time to be sure that they are ready for settling down in a nest of their own.

If you are one of those human beings who prefer to wait up to one year to settle down with your love, it would be good to know what elements constitute the making of a successful relationship. That’s when dating resources come in handy because thinking on your own might not reap the right benefits for you. Of course, it does not also translate that things and events have to abide by the way you are charting your life to be; rather, you would expect to go with the flow, but the journey of dating would be made easier if you know how to anticipate how a relationship should be steered.

So, if you are still in the embryonic stage of a blossoming relationship with a guy or girl, you might want to read more about how to handle a romance and attain the much coveted diamond ring from this dating resource at .



The Perils Of Online Dating

Online dating is such a hot fad these days and sometimes, people hoping to find love online as soon as possible, tend to encounter disappointing outcomes ultimately. Though being in love seems so romantic to us who still believe in fairy-tale romances, it also poses a fair amount of risks to us.

Sure. Very often, we hear from friends or relatives who have managed to find their ideal men or women online and it all seems so easy. Just engaging in friendly chatting and sharing your life with strangers and getting all psyched up to meet these new people in your life promises much excitement for us since we hope to dispel the aura of mystery once meet-ups are arranged with the other unknown party.

So, you might wonder why I say that online dating poses certain risks to us who crave for love instantly and almost madly too.

  1. There is a high chance that the men or women you are chatting with online are hoping to make us part with our money once they discern our vulnerabilities, loneliness and desperation for love.
  2. There is a great possibility that the other party we are chatting with is already married, but just wants to experience some fun by engaging in flirty conversations online with someone new.
  3. Everyone is lonely at times and just want to find someone who is ready to lend their shoulders to listen to their sob story or unhappy incidences.
  4. Last but not least, some people believe that money can buy them their ideal Mr. or Ms. Right, especially since age is already catching up with them so looking for love at all places allows them to cast a wider net for plausible matches.

Thus, how can we protect ourselves from those who prowl the net in search of potential victims to scam upon them? Read more about how we should protect ourselves whilst we are engaged in online dating at .



Get On With Life On Your Own Terms


Being in a marriage can be tiresome at times. I’m not saying that life sucks in a marriage. What I’m saying is that you should not compromise in a marriage to the point of losing your own identity and what you actually represent as a decent human being. Is it so important that everyone approves of what you do, especially the man or lady you are living together with? Sure, it boosts our self confidence to gain approval from those we love, but as Andre Garcia – the author of Why Men Love Classy Chicks: From Doormat To Dreamgirl has taught me new ways of revamping my intrinsic qualities without wiping out the basics of who I really am.

Why do we need to constantly gain approval from our husband or wife? Because we’re stuck in a binding marriage or just a piece of paper signing has signed out entire life of happiness away? That’s absolutely bullshit! It was the basic ‘us’ who attracted our husbands or wives in the 1st place and one we lose the essential intrinsic qualities that added to our internal beauty, we just simply lose everything and things will just slide downhill before you know what hit you!

So, what’s to stop one from going downhill? Revaluate your goals and reconcile them with those goals of your spouse without letting him or her subjugate you to abide by his or her whims and fancies. Remember, you can’t afford to lose the inner you altogether; you still need to keep the good part of you as it has always been. Then how, you might ask. Easy, just learn to set boundaries as advocated by Andre Garcia. Nothing makes a man or woman more beautiful than they are when they know how to evolve along with the people in their lives and yet find peace and sanity in the little marriage nest they have created over time. Read more at










Love Yourself First Before Falling In Love

Now, this seems like pure common sense right? Which woman in her right mind would not take her looks and inner beauty seriously and expend efforts to make herself look good? You might thing that this is the absolute case, but that is not true in the least. Yes, there are women who do love putting on make-up, slathering heavy perfume that leave their male admirers choking from the overpowering scents left in their path.

Yet there are still many women out there who only believe in showing their natural selves to their men as they want to be loved for who they are. Obviously, why not? Women cannot look perfect all the time and remain flawlessly beautiful in the eyes of their men on a daily basis. There will be days when the weather looks bleak and affects their mood, making them feel as if there is no point dressing up at all, especially when there are no men clamoring to ask them out on dates.

Well, if we women don’t learn to cherish ourselves and engage in activities that make us smile, then life for us becomes dull and meaningless. We should not look to men to validate our existence, but we should give ourselves something to look forward to on each day of our lives. You may wonder then; how can women improve on the way they communicate with men and put on their best side so that men will respect them for who they are and value them as much as they treasure their intrinsic and extrinsic qualities.

Want to know more what it takes to gain the attention of men and perfect the art of communicating with men right from the initial stage of courtship, then this resource – How To Make A Guy Realize You Are The One For Him might provide the upper hand you need in fulfilling your desire to attract the right men.

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Why People Prefer To Remain Single?

Getting married is, in all probability, not the worst test of one’s life, but finding the best fit in terms of a soul mate and staying committed in safekeeping the sanctity of a marriage, is what genuinely intimidates many couples at large.

 After all, the latest marriage statistics on a global scale share a common conclusion: many couples prefer to marry later, divorce cases are growing in a number of European countries, the United States and the United Kingdom. Even in some parts of Asia, the number of single men and women have grown in the last decade.

To add on, the ageing population has become a major problem worldwide, what with the declining birth rates, as couples are less keen to have children, owing to the rising costs of living, the lack of job stability and their personal desire to pursue a more carefree lifestyle. (For a more detailed analysis of the overall statistics, you can refer to the information found at these links:,,, and

The gravity of the prospects of seeing more unmarried couples worldwide is indeed alarming. In fact, some of the common reasons cited for the rise in the divorce rates are the increase in disagreements amongst couples with no resolution in sight, cheating incidences, marrying at an early age, idealistic notions about what marriage entails, unequal roles, lack of mental preparation in coping with marital responsibilities and the presence of domestic violence. (Refer to this link to know more about why married couples end up in divorce:

All these evidence pinpoint to the significance of understanding what you are in for, prior to getting married. Understanding your man well enough and becoming mentally prepared for marriage are significant matters of importance to reflect upon since marriage is not a subject to be taken lightly.

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Red Flags In A Relationship

Entering into a marriage is never a bed of roses. Romance, happiness, peace and a meaningful lifestyle are what many men and women seek in a life after marriage. Yet the aspiration to achieve these end results can only be achieved with the mutual support of married couples. In the absence of the main pillar of support – TRUST – in a marriage, your hopes for a life of happiness with the mate you are bound to will never manifest if you fail to strive to work towards the same goals in a pair.

With this detailed love guide, you can run a mental check on the relationship trust issues troubling you and your spouse. :

. Learn to detect the red flags in the relationship and conduct a proper diagnosis;
. Understand how to overcome the signs of irrational jealousy that can destroy the strong
bonds you have with your spouse;
. Uncover the hidden secrets spouses tend to harbor and use the knowledge as an
instrument for understanding one another and building a healthy marriage;
. Apply 20 insightful, proven tips to get rid of unnecessary fears, jealousy, distrust, anxiety
in the relationship and become a better spouse.


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Why Men Love Classy Chicks?

Speed dating is awfully fun if you hit it off with the person sitting opposite you and have a range of topics to discuss with him or her – without inhibitions. More often than not, even if you don’t end up finding a boyfriend or girlfriend after a speed dating session, at least, you would have gotten yourself a new friend to include within your inner circles. Nothing beats meeting new people, sharing of opinions, ideas and catching up on the latest trends in town. Better still, if they happen to share the same values, culture and religious beliefs as you.

So, don’t give up on speed dating, just because you did not find a person of the opposite gender to go out on a date with. The greater the frequency of mingling with new people, the higher the chance of you meeting someone who fits your archetype of what a boyfriend or girlfriend should be. Of course, there are occasional downsides to engaging in speed dating activities. Mental preparation is the key to maintaining an upbeat mood whilst immersing in the activity as you never know if you might bump into an oddball or unusual character in the midst of chatting up someone new.

As for guys, it is a nightmare to meet women who harass them for the details of their financial status, career stability, future plans with their partner and the like. Which guy would relish the experience of being interrogated by women who seem more interested in their assets and wealth status, as compared to the real person behind their public profile.

Likewise, even if some females enjoy getting noticed because of their looks, the initial sense of happiness will evaporate in a jiffy once they realize that they have been stereotyped as airheads suited for casual flings, as opposed to being offered the opportunity of getting elevated to the status of a ‘girlfriend’ in the near future.

Let’s say, you are in luck and did manage to find yourself a near perfect guy whom you plan to date as a potential partner for marriage. How should you keep in check that you do not show your cards too soon and let him have the upper hand in every aspect of the relationship? Are there ways to keep the passion in the relationship and still maintain the checks and balances within?

Don’t let him feel that you are mooning over him, in your attempts to get his attention and make him feel committed to you. Project yourself as a dignified woman who values yourself for who you are and make him look up to you with pride. If you are unsure of how you should go about setting the rules in the relationship to avoid letting him treat you like a pushover, then you will certainly find this resource a useful guide for managing a controlling guy – “Why Men Love Classy Chicks: From Doormat To Dreamgirl.”

Get A Marriage Proposal In 365 Days


Is it unbelievable or achievable? Discover what thousands of women have learned about attracting men, dating, love and commitment. It’s not a game…nor about who wins or loses…it’s the rest of your life, and as much as you enjoy your romantic relationship, it might take some ‘tweaking’ to get the guy you want to march you down the wedding aisle sooner than you expect.


If you feel you’ve already found your ‘knight in shining armor’ and are madly in love, or you’re still searching for Mr. Right, this fabulous guide is designed with you in mind. We’ll unlock secrets to dating, beginning with casual encounters and dating etiquette before we move on to more serious, intimate relationships. There’s a strategy involved that every woman needs to know, understand, and apply to achieve their dream of becoming a bride-to-be fast.


This is a straightforward, honest guide that will help you evaluate your relationship at the various stages of courtship. We’re certainly not implying that you rope and hogtie the first cowboy that comes along, but a careful assessment of your potential suitors will help you zero in on who’s right for you. Keep in mind – love is the key, but there’s far more to finding a husband and securing a successful marriage than just deep affection or pure puppy love.


Let us help you fan the coals of your smoldering romance, thus igniting and lifting it to a roaring blaze of love and desire. The pages of this timely book are filled with insightful tips, dating ideas, romantic activities, and much more that will enhance the natural chemistry upon which your relationship is built. Getting him to confess his love, commit to an exclusive couple relationship and propose marriage without feeling jittery or stressed is the first step, of many, on a path to lifelong happiness and the fulfillment of unimaginable dreams.

Are You Scared Of Being Single Forever?

Love matters of the heart are getting too complicated worldwide. Coupled with the gender imbalance in population growth and the growing expectations intelligent women exact in their relentless search for potential soul-mates, the search for the right man to walk the less-than-smooth path to matrimony together with them – has indeed become a major hurdle to overcome.

Analyze and answer this question with pure honesty. Do you belong to one of the millions of women today who face the grim prospect of spinsterhood and loneliness in the years ahead? If your answer is ‘Yes,’ it is time for you to review your dating strategies and replace them immediately with more effective ones before it is too late to effect the essential changes.

You may have let slip on some good, trustworthy men, purely because you overlooked the importance of CREATING YOUR OWN DESTINY with the eligible men who crossed your paths formerly, thereby, contributing to your current single status. Moreover, due to the deploying of incorrect tactics to land a great man in the years of advancing to maturity, you incidentally lost a near perfect Prince Charming while moving along the stages of the DATING CYCLE. A word of advice for your own good. Do not dwell on what has happened in the past! Move on with your life. Fight for the man you deserve since you are still in your prime!

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Are You Scaring Men Away?


Men are well known for their meticulousness in cherry-picking women they fancy as a future mate; their egos swell with pride whenever the people around them compliment them for their immaculate taste in ladies. Picking a lady with great promise as a wife and soul mate turns into a test for them as they screen the numerous ladies with comparatively positive personality traits that make them appear as quality wife material.

As affection is as short lived for specific cases and is at times, subject to change due to external influences, it is of significance to ace the ropes of keeping a mate’s enthusiasm for you, other than simply getting him or her to begin to take a superficial interest in getting your affection. Why is that imperative? You may ask. The fact of the matter is obvious. Men have a more extensive pool of female candidates to look over, rather than ladies who are more constrained in their decisions of accessible men and are deemed less attractive once they have reached their forties and beyond that.

Flightiness turns into the privilege of men since they can discard those clingy females once they have delighted in having a casual affair or easygoing indulgence with the spurned ladies and proceed onward to apparently more suitable matches.

On the other hand, the concerning issue may not lie with male players and so forth. All things considered, not each men pursue the same ladies constantly. One person’s penchant for sexy bitches may not seem tempting to another man. On certain occasions, ladies with little care for showing a fair amount of social graces and indulge in malicious gossip and whining to gain the attention of their admirers would only unwittingly push men away with their lesser loved character imperfections.

Moving on, what are, thus, the likeliest ways to make men want to avoid a woman at all costs?

Behaving Like A Walking Encyclopedia

Acting like a walking encyclopedia with all knowledge at your finger-tips is indeed impressive, but at the same time, it will also cause your date to question if he had picked an incorrect match for a date when you go all out to test his IQ level, throwing questions at him, such as – (1)”Where do you think the economy is heading for by next year?” (2)”Do you think it is alright to bet on gold right now?” (3) “Who are you voting for in the next election?” Droning on about sensitive political and economic issues will serve to heighten the tension between you and your date since you have yet to really break the ice and gain a deeper level of knowledge about one another.

Throwing Your Weight Around And Showing Little Empathy For Others

Rushing for a vacant seat in the train with an elderly person or yelling obscenities at outsiders when things turn awry is not going to land you in the good books of your date either. Think about how terrifying it would seem to him to be dating a lady who talks in a boorish way in her state of delirium, inspired from her excitement at having hitched a cute guy that made her oblivious to her crude mannerisms – “What the fxxx were you knocking on the door when I was in the midst of taking a dump…you asshole…?” The uncivilized speech might leave him stunned for a moment, wondering whether he would be next in line to receive a barrage of less-than-pleasant words in his ears if he provoked her by telling her to treat other people with greater compassion.

Grilling A Man Non-Stop About His Private Affairs

The man has yet to make his adoration known to his date – that is – you and it’s apparent he is still unsure about entering into a deeper relationship with you. Yet you pursue the topic of becoming an exclusive couple together with dogged determination and leave him feeling cornered by your endless questions about who he meets and where he goes each day. Nothing kills a man more than having a lady force her demands down his throat and coax him into agreeing to her solicitations for affirmation of her “sweetheart” or “wife” status.

If you happen to fall into this specific category of women who love to cross examine their intended men day and night starting from the embryonic stage of a romance, then then do be prepared for possible rebuffs from men who cannot tolerate such unreasonable behavior and the limits imposed on their movements.

Be it for yourself or for the sole purpose of securing a decent man as a life partner, you need to flaunt the more positive side of you. Undoubtedly, you will feel glad when a man finds himself drawn to the special qualities he finds in you, as opposed to focusing on the saccharine appearance you possess. Other than impressing him with who you are, it also makes your man look great to have discovered his Ms. Right who is without a doubt, a hot favorite with many men.

Dating Advice From Titania Hudson – Author of ‘How To Make A Guy Realize You Are The One For Him.’ Titania Hudson Blog:

How To Get The Guy You Want

Relationships between men and women are a complete mystery, waiting to be demystified and unraveled like the Pandora box. Being human, we are non-static creatures swayed by our emotions, beliefs, values and the perspectives of people who are important to us.

Doesn’t it feel good to walk down the streets, feeling like a real winner while dangling on the arm of a dashing man and sensing the eyes of every woman following you, as they ogle at you and your beau in undisguised envy?

Gosh, can you imagine how many women would give up anything to be in your shoes and experience the sensation of being swept off their feet by men of their choosing? Unfortunately, most female singletons are not so lucky to land an eligible suitor who fits their bill of a near perfect Prince Charming. Emerging the winner in a dating games takes more than just looks alone, even though that factor itself is a significant element in attracting men to women at the onset of the first encounter.

What else matters to men, other than looks itself? An intriguing personality, seeming almost like a mystery to be uncovered. A pretty wallflower is just a wallflower, if a woman fails to present herself as a woman of substance. Looking pretty and sexy can attract a man’s attention at first glance and it’s true that some men can be quite shallow and just want to have a quick shag with the hottest woman they can spot in a roomful of people. But these are not the kind of men you are wishing to attract right? Unless you are one of those women hoping to have a casual fling and get laid by a handsome, male stranger.

If that’s not the kind of relationship you are hankering after, then you are probably looking into hitting off with a cute guy who has an uncanny ability to connect with you at the emotional level and whom you trust fairly enough to reveal your innermost thoughts and secrets to. At this juncture, let’s take a pause and get a good hard look at yourself. Is it sufficient to be just yourself, if you happen to be someone who is lazy, unhappy, negative, unattractive, etc? If I tell you to just be yourself right now and you are not in the least satisfied with the way you look, have a poor sense of self worth and appear jittery at the sight of a good-looker coming your way, then that’s obviously plain bullshit to your ears!

What you really need are honest comments about how you can make yourself look more attractive, appealing and interesting as a woman. It’s a common fact that men are visual creatures and first impressions are based on looks and sensual chemistry. And I am not going to say that all men have the same taste in women because in reality, they don’t. Some men may like women to sport a tomboyish look, a geeky look, a bimbo look and so on. Phew! That is fortunate. Otherwise, we would have men going after a certain type of female only, which would mean that a huge majority of women would be left on the shelf.

Okay, moving on to the crux of the topic; your next question would likely be: “How can you become a real woman of allure, or a truly interesting woman to capture the attention of most men and inspire the right suitor to beg you to be his girlfriend in the end?” I can only say that the answer to your million dollar question boils down to this – “Looks,” “Graciousness, “Great Personality,” “Communication Skills,” “Assertiveness,” etc.

Want to know more how everything should fall in place? You can learn more from the details contained in this dating guide on how to attract men: “How To Make A Guy Realize You Are The One For Him: Show Him Your True Worth And Secure His Love Forever.” (Amazon)

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What Do Men Mean When They Say, “It’s Not You. It’s All About Me.”

Men hate to be pushed into making decisions, especially when it concerns the topic of marriage or commitment. Being forced into a corner will not only cause them to fume with fury, but it could also be the final straw in the relationship as men always find reasons to justify their desire to leave and will make their exit the very minute they feel pressed into reaching a decision they have yet to be mentally prepared for.

In the case of women, many of them make the mistake of shifting the blame onto themselves whenever a guy suggests a break-up or hints if his intention to move on to greener pastures elsewhere. The first thing that pops into the brain of a female when she hears this startling statement is – “What have I done wrong? Is he tired of me already? Or perhaps, he’s seeing someone else behind my back…Are there ways to keep him from leaving?”

Women can never figure out the real reasons for men wanting to desert them, in spite of their attempts to please the latter and make them happy, It makes them bewildered as to why men are hard-wired to avoid commitment and marriage like the plague. In accordance with what experts have observed, men think with their heads and private genitals, but they always succumb to their mental blocks the instance a woman suggests becoming more intimate in terms of a heart-to-heart connection and tries to advance the relationship by several notches. Somehow or other, warning signals will start popping into their heads since their next conjecture jumps to the possibility of the woman in question pestering them to settle down and commit to her.

What is even more troubling is the chameleon-like nature of men. The raging hormones in men can come and go in a matter of minutes, days, weeks or months, depending on how well a woman can continue to captivate the interest of the former. Sometimes, it is hard to understand why men can change so quickly. One day they are into you, and the next day, their eyes are roving around for the next target in sight as soon as your attention is diverted away from them.

Tunneling the way to a man’s heart is always a challenge, be it during the time of dating or even after entering into a marriage with him. You may think you have won the battle once you have gotten him to buy you a ring. A surprise may just lay in store for you when you realize that in the course of working out the kinks in the marriage, living together with a man puts you in a situation that is constantly plagued by uncertainty and many unforeseen changes. It is always difficult to predict what men are thinking. They just love the idea of keeping secrets. After all, it adds to the mystery surrounding them. Behind the mask they are wearing on occasions that call for it, they are happy to hide behind their darkest secrets, as they are probably better off, if left undisclosed. Imagine the wrath of any woman, who unwittingly opens the Pandora Box and uncovers unsightly truths that are, in consequence, thrown out into the open!

If you are wondering how you can overcome a man’s resistance to the idea of marriage and entice him to offer a marriage proposal in due time, there are some useful suggestions you might want to explore in the book to get him to stop fearing the idea of taking up responsibility and commitment in a relationship with you – “Get Him To Propose In 80 Days – Unlock The Secrets To Make Him Fall In Love And Commit To You Forever.